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Inspection Process



The State of Wisconsin requires public and/or employee conveyances (elevators, freights, dumbwaiters, escalators and other lift devices) to undergo an annual inspection in order to renew a permit to operate.


At Wisconsin Elevator Inspection, Inc. we strive to make the inspection process as easy for you as possible. When you contract with us to do your inspections, we file a copy of the agreement with the State and they promptly assign your inspections to us. Then, when your current permit approaches its expiration date we'll do the inspection. Expiration dates are identified by our computer system which is in sync with the State of Wisconsin. We file all of the paperwork for you and follow it through the process so that your next permit arrives on time and hassle-free. We bill you for the inspection and the State bills you for the permit. We'll come each year to provide seamless, worry-free inspection service. You are free to cancel, should you ever decide to do so.


Your obligation is to correct any violations that we might find and notify us when that is done.



Common Violations:
  • Messy machine rooms/pits (no debris or storage allowed)
  • Missing Items (logs, signs, extinguisher certificates)
  • Failed Emergency Backup (lighting, phone, bell)
  • Annual Category or No Load Pressure test incomplete
  • five year safety test incomplete

New Codes:

Hydraulic elevators installed prior to 1994 must have an annual Hydro pressure test.

Anyone working on elevators must be licensed.

Applicable Annual Category testing link explaining cat 1 and cat 5 testing can be found at http://dsps.wi.gov/Programs/Industry-Services/Industry-Services-Programs/Elevators/Elevators-Forms/





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